The Eden Chamber in the 50’s

In 1949 the Eden Businessmen’s Association voted on changing the name to the Eden Chamber of Commerce.
The first President, Marion Schwal, was a coal and feed dealer.
The Directors were Joseph Buntikiel, Silas Williams, Jay Palmerton, John Weinar, George Guenther, Clarence Smith, Charles Pearson and Stuart Eisile.
Eden had two wells that supplied, then, the two water districts.  The problem was a heavy iron content and rust in the water.
In 1952 the Chamber formed a committee to look at getting Erie County Water to supply the needs of the town.  In 1958 the town of Eden petitioned the Water Authority, and water from Lake Erie began to flow into Eden homes and businesses in 1962.
In 1952 Rhyme University opened on Main Street.  Leon Olsen, a Director of the Chamber started a unique business from his home.  He marketed a Kindergarten diploma across the country.  The certificate, Rhyme University, could be had for all Kindergarten graduates.  The business was sold in 1972 to a California company.
In 1953 the Chamber started a push for a new Post Office, also assisting the town Board in appointing a Planning Board.
Also in 1953 and 1954 the Chamber became active in a By-Pass plan, adopted by the State of New York to bypass Eden with a new route from Hamburg to North Collins.
The Chamber voted against it, stating it would split the town in half.  Later this plan was dropped by the State.
The Chamber also became involved with the issue of Sewers.  Knowing for the town to have growth they were needed.  Cost for the treatment plant was an estimated $650,000 in 1955.  The treatment was completed in 1975 for an estimated cost of 24 million dollars.
1956 – John Munich a partner in the ‘Garden of Eden’ restaurant organized a night at the Buffalo Bison Baseball Park.  The park was then known as Offerman Stadium on Woodlawn & Ferry Streets in Buffalo, New York.  John rented busses from the Garden to the ball game.  The 4th Eden night, the attendance was 570 and the Eden Firemen’s Band played at the Park that evening.
The Chamber Presidents of the 1950’s were:
  1. Marion Schwal
  2. Leon Olsen 
  3. James Miller
  4. Robert Maier
  5. Silas Williams
  6. Edward Agle
  7. Jack Smith 

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